Vision, Mission, Governance

Our vision

That all Canadians come to respect the art and science of the surveyor’s role.

Our Vision Statement reflects the ultimate hope, dream, or ideal that Professional Surveyors Canada and its’ members can work towards together and provides focus for all activities of the organization.

Our mission

Professional Surveyors Canada will work on behalf of its members to encourage and enable an environment where their work is valued as underpinning the fabric of society for the safety and economic well-being of Canadians.

Our Mission Statement is a formal expression of our purpose or reason for being. It identifies who Professional Surveyors Canada is and what it will do and for whom, allowing for a multitude of actions, opportunities and eventualities to be developed through detailed planning.

Our governance structure

Professional Surveyors Canada is a member-focused organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Members. Members vote for and elect a Director(s) to sit on the Board.

The Board may appoint, from amongst its members, an executive committee consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Past Chair also sits on the Board of Directors.

All members of Professional Surveyors Canada must adhere to a code of conduct.

All Directors of Professional Surveyors Canada must adhere to a Directors code of conduct.