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The Professional Liability Insurance Committee (PLIC)

The PLIC is a standing committee of Professional Surveyors Canada representing the interests of over 525 surveyors across Canada. The members of the committee are licensed surveyors from different parts of the country.  They include:

Committee Chair: Dave Gurnsey, SLS, CLS, P.Surv.

Western Canada: Kevin Swabey, ALS and Michael Kidston, BCLS, CLS

Eastern Canada: Derik R. DeWolfe, NSLS and Derek French, PEILS, CLS, P.Eng., MCIP

PSC Director Liaison: Darren Patkau, SLS, CLS

PSC Secretary: Ria van der Veen.

Please click here for the full contact information of the PLIC.

The Committee meets in person twice a year and provides a number of unique services including:

  • Advocating on behalf of all surveyors across Canada.
  • Working with the Broker (Gallagher) and the insurer (Victor – formally called ENCON) to ensure the program is competitively priced, has broad land surveyor specific insurance coverage, and provides superior claims service to the members.
  • Reviewing the Professional Surveyors Canada Professional Liability Insurance Program’s rates and performance.
  • Providing an insurance option for all Canadian surveyors, regardless of their claims history.
  • Responding in strict confidence to all concerns or complaints from insured surveyors.
  • Advising the insurance professionals about survey law and standards of practice.
  • Collecting program statistics for continuing education and negotiating policy renewals.
  • Overseeing the Risk Management Fund.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive committee web section available to all surveyors.

The Insurance Policy

Program Features & Coverage Enhancements

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