Your Professional Liability Insurance Program

The Professional Liability Insurance Committee (PLIC)

The PLIC is a standing committee of Professional Surveyors Canada representing the interests of approximately 525 surveyors across Canada. Its members are licensed surveyors from across the country who provide a number of unique services including:

  • Negotiating the best possible coverage for the Professional Surveyors Canada Professional Liability Insurance Program.
  • Insuring any Canadian surveyor fairly regardless of their claims history.
  • Responding in strict confidence to all concerns or complaints from insured surveyors.
  • Keeping in constant contact with the insurers to review active claims.
  • Advising the insurance professionals about survey law and standards of practice.
  • Collecting program statistics for continuing education and negotiating policy renewals.
  • Providing relevant loss prevention products including an online Risk Management Guide – “The Guide” (previously called Loss Prevention and Practice Management Guide) with valuable information for every student, practicing, or retired surveyor.
  • Overseeing the Loss Control Fund.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive committee web page available to all surveyors.

The Policy

The policy is uniquely formulated for professional surveyors. In essence, it responds to any dollar amount the insured may become legally liable to pay for damages resulting from the performance of professional services, subject to the terms and restrictions of the policy.

Professional services are defined specifically for the practice of a licensed surveyor, including without restriction, the rendering of opinions, counselling, and services related to measurement sensitive activities, for which the surveyor may be held responsible.

Policy wording is reviewed every year to ensure competitiveness and comprehensive coverage.

Program features

Risk Management Credit Program rewards good practices by refunding half of the deductible if specific practices are demonstrated in the work that is subject to a claim.

Full Retroactive Coverage is automatic. All previous work of the insured firm, in its current form, is covered by the policy.

All Present and Former Employees, principles, and partners of the currently insured firm are covered.

Split Damage Deductible rewards a practice that is claims-free for five years. The insurer and the insured share the deductible. (i.e. if the deductible is $5,000 the insurer and the insured each contribute $2,500 towards the first $5000 in damages.)

Retirement or Past Act Coverage is available for surveyors who are retiring or closing a practice and have been insured under the program for five consecutive years. On retirement, the surveyor will purchase a regular policy for one year to allow their company to be closed-down because the Retirement/Past Actions Program is designed to protect the Surveyor rather than the company. If the surveyor is fully retired from the profession, there will be no deductible.

Estate Coverage is automatic under this program, with no extra premium and no deductible.

Legal and Adjusting Expenses are fully covered with no deductible.

World-wide Coverage is automatic for professional services rendered anywhere in the world.

Occupational Health and Safety coverage provides the insured with $15,000 towards legal costs for actions brought under any OHS Act.

Difference in Conditions feature provides coverage if there are differences in the limits and deductibles between the Professional Surveyors Canada policy and any other policy.

Consulting Engineering Extension is available to cover consulting engineering services and surveying services in the same policy, subject to some conditions.

Determination of Premiums are based on an equitable formula derived from actual surveying claims statistics and developed by the PLIC and the broker.

  • There is a charge for each licensed surveyor based on the limit and deductible selected.
  • A zero deductible is available under certain conditions.
  • There are premium increments depending on a policyholder’s work volume.
  • Specific categories of surveying services are rated differently based on program history.

In the event of a claim

Coverage is triggered when the claim, or potential claim, comes to light regardless of when the error occurred. Report any potential claim immediately here to ensure that it is covered. The insurer will review each report and decide whether to open a claim file or to file the report as an incident.

Filing a claim

If you know of any situation that may give rise to a claim, notify the ENCON claims department in writing and keep a copy for your files. If you have received a notice of claim or are served with any legal papers, fill out a claims reporting form (you will have received one with your renewal, or can download one from section 5 of “The Guide“) and fax it to the ENCON claims department. Also fax a copy of the form to the broker.

  • Do not attempt to remedy the problem without the consent of the insurer.
  • Do not prejudice the insurer by admitting liability.

Questions about your claim

If you feel that the adjuster or claims analyst is, for any reason, unable to settle a claim fairly and justly, contact a member of the PLIC immediately. If you feel a claim is taking too long, or you want a progress report, call the ENCON claims department. No claim can be settled without the consent of the insured. If the insured is not in agreement with a proposed settlement, they can continue the defence at their own expense. However, the insurer’s liability may be limited to the amount for which the claim could have been settled.

Key contacts for the program

Contacts in pdf

PLIC Members

Derik R. DeWolfe, NSLS
DeWolfe & Morse Surveying Limited
P.O. Box 520
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
Telephone: 902-825-2362

Derek French, PEILS, CLS, P.Eng., MCIP, Director Liaison
P.O. Box 580
Cornwall, PE COA 1H0
Telephone: 902-394-2945

Dave Gurnsey, SLS, CLS, P.Surv., Chair
Pilot Butte, SK
Telephone: 306-536-3530

Michael Kidston, BCLS, CLS
P.O. Box 970
100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0
Telephone: 250-395-6025

Kevin Swabey, ALS
2827 Sunridge Blvd. N.E.
Calgary, AB T1Y 6G1
Telephone: 403-244-7471

Ria van der Veen, BCS, Secretary
900 Dynes Road, Suite 101B
Ottawa ON K2C 3L6
Telephone: 613-695-8333 or 800-241-7200

The Insurance Managers

Report any new claims here.

ENCON Group Inc.
Suite 500, 1400 Blair Place
Ottawa, ON K1J 9B8
Telephone: 800-267-6684

Paula Foster, Senior Claims Analyst
Telephone: 800-267-6684 (2259) or (613) 786-2259

David Cook, Senior Vice-President, Chief Underwriting Officer
Telephone: 800-267-6684 (2207) or (613) 786-2207

The Brokers

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited
120 South Town Centre Blvd.
Markham, Ontario L6G 1C3
Toll free: 1-800-267-6670

Laura Stewart, Client Service Broker
Telephone: 905-752-8745
Fax: 905-479-9164

Mark Sampson, Senior Vice President
Telephone: 905-948-2631
Fax: 905-948-9164

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