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Conceived, developed, and run by Canadian surveyors, Professional Surveyors Canada is dedicated to building and enabling a strong multi-faceted community of surveying professionals committed to exceeding expectations.

"Where?" can be an important question. If there is no simple answer then a professional surveyor is at work. They also have answers to the questions of what, how, when and why.

Surveyors answer important questions such as these:

  • Where exactly is the boundary of my property, or the offshore oil rig, or the best location for the cellular tower being planned?
  • What exactly does my real estate investment include?
  • How far, how high, or how big?
  • When has this development reached key milestones or decision points?
  • Why is this the optimal location for this route widening, utility corridor, or easement?

Our members have the skills and knowledge to help Canadians plan, manage, and build society's infrastructure when there are no simple answers to the questions.

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